Your CTO partner, based in the UK.
Working with you to build amazing startups.

Building a digital startup is a rewarding path for any entrepreneur, but it can also be incredibly challenging. You will need to make key decisions about technical infrastructure and platforms and be prepared to find and employee developers and designers to turn your idea into a reality.

This is where I come in. As your "Founder B", I can help refine your idea into a scalable technical proposition, provide sound technical advice, produce an MVP to enable seed funding, help shape your technical team and act as your CTO and co-founder. With over 15 years experience in software development and having built startups in all manner of industries (including retail, education, B2B, B2C, travel and media), I can provide the advice and skills you need to succeed in the startup world.

The "Founder B" process

01First Contact

A free introductory meeting and to discuss your startup idea and understand your vision.

02Fact Finding

An additional fact-finding session to explore product details, and agree upon success criteria for your MVP.


Founder B provides a written MVP specification plan and proposal for services, including any founder equity.


I help guide you through the design and branding process and provide general guidance on IP, Trademarks and more.


I provide development, project management and technology advice as needed to ensure your MVP gets done right first time.

06Investment & Growth

Helping you through the funding process, I can act as your CTO and technology partner, helping to launch your startup.

I am currently looking to take on new projects, enquire here.

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