The "Founder B" process.

Every startup's needs are different, which is why I take a flexible, agile approach to all projects.
The "Founder B" process is designed to help guide you through the difficult journey of starting a new venture, whilst laying a foundation that will help your business grow and expand in years to come.

It starts with an idea...

Free Initial Consultation

A free introductory meeting and to discuss your startup idea and understand your vision. An NDA can be signed either during or prior to the meeting, if required.

Should both parties wish to proceed, we will continue with an additional fact-finding session to explore product details, and agree upon success criteria for your MVP.

MVP Specification

Founder B provides a written MVP specification plan and proposal for services, including any founder equity.

Proposal Discussion & Sign-off

Founder B meets with you to discuss the proposal, costs, equity plans and any vesting agreements and other legalities.

Agreement Reached!

MVP Design & Branding

Founder B helps guide you through the design and branding process and provide general guidance on IP, Trademarks and more. Work on your MVP design for any web/app components gets under way.

Design Sign-off

MVP Development

Development of your product is now in full-swing. Founder B provides development, project management and technology advice as needed to ensure your MVP gets done right first time.

Agile Delivery

Founder B provides regular updates and prototype builds whenever possible to ensure the project is on-track. We keep an agile approach to the development process - ensuring we can quickly make changes and adjustments as necessary.

Consumer website and additional materials

Founder B can provide you with the tools needed to create a startup "single-page" website, used for marketing your product and business, along with any data administration tools, hosting and secondary services required.

Ready for launch!

MVP Sign-off

Your MVP gets signed off and we organise making it 'live' and ready for use, whether that is the to the web, iTunes app store, or mixture of both.


Founder B continues to help support your MVP, and acts as your CTO, while you get underway with the process of raising investment and preparing for the next phase in your product delivery.

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