Personalised, dedicated startup consulting.
It's about more than just building apps.

Product Wireframes & Technical Specifications

I can put together a product development specification for your startup, detailing not only how your product will work but also producing layout wireframes, giving strong advice as to technology, platforms, hosting, scalability and costs.

Even if you choose not to proceed with my services any further, this proposal and specification is yours to utilise for both development and investment purposes.

MVP Development

I am an expert in developing mobile apps, API's, system integrations and dynamic websites - with a special focus on building and delivering mobile MVP's in the quickest and most cost effective manner possible. I am technology agnostic - I believe in the best product for the best solution, and not just selling any one specific platform or framework. When it comes to building out your digital product, I've been there, seen it all, and got the t-shirt!

CTO Services

I understand that most startups want more from a development agency than just coding - they want long term support, and a Co-Founder/CTO who is both passionate about the business and will always act in it's best interests. This is why I only ever undertake startup projects that I believe I can make a real and lasting contribution; startups that will flourish and prosper in the long term.